FolioMetrics Launches Client Portal Solution

July 18, 2021

FolioMetrics Launches Innovative Client Portal, Enabling Investment Firms to Enhance Investor Engagement and Transparency

FolioMetrics, a leading provider of CRM solutions for hedge funds and other investment firms, is excited to announce the official launch of its new Client Portal solution. Seamlessly integrated with FolioMetrics' CRM solution, the Client Portal empowers investment professionals to strengthen investor relationships and deliver a personalized and transparent experience for their clients and prospects.

The FolioMetrics Client Portal revolutionizes investor engagement by providing a secure, user-friendly online platform for clients to access their investment information, reports, and important updates. With this innovative tool, investment firms can bolster transparency and trust, fostering stronger connections with investors and prospects.

Key Features of the FolioMetrics Client Portal include:

  • Fully flexible page layout, content and branding.
  • Share current and historical documents via a user-friendly document library.
  • Interactive charts and tables allowing investors to gain insight into performance, allocation and more.
  • Track user engagement and interactions.
  • Seamlessly control document and page visibility.
  • Control who has access to your data with the power to remove user access at any time.

The integration of the Client Portal with FolioMetrics' CRM software creates a seamless workflow for investment firms, ensuring that critical client data and interactions are effortlessly synchronized between platforms. This synergy streamlines operational processes and enhances overall client experience.

In an increasingly digital age, investors demand transparency, access, and convenience. The FolioMetrics Client Portal addresses these needs by offering a modern, secure, and personalized platform that aligns with the expectations of today's investors.

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