About FolioMetrics

Over a decade of consistent commitment to innovation and client service
We are a leading provider of software solutions for the investment community with over 200 clients worldwide.

Launched in 2012, FolioMetrics was founded by a team of experts whose collective experience traces back to 2003. Driven by a commitment to client satisfaction, FolioMetrics sets out to build solutions that are not only innovative and powerful but also effortlessly intuitive.

Drawing from over a decade of industry expertise, FolioMetrics was built with a profound understanding of the unique challenges faced by managers and investors within the investment community.

At FolioMetrics, innovation meets simplicity, ensuring that solutions are accessible to both seasoned professionals and newcomers alike. With an unwavering focus on innovation and client service, FolioMetrics empowers investment professionals to achieve their business objectives with greater confidence.

solution overview

FolioMetrics features

A modern, easy to use relationship management solution built from the ground up for investor relations and fund marketing teams.
Client Portals
A powerful, scalable and secure way to share information with investors and prospects.
Investor Reporting
Automate the production of factsheets and other client reports to save time and increase the quality of your communications.
Investor classification, approval workflows and advanced reporting. Create user groups to ring fence data sets across business roles.
Administrator Integration
FolioMetrics has developed integration with all common fund administrators to automate a feed of client holdings and transactions.
Research Management
Extends the power of FolioMetrics to the investment team to consolidate research notes and documentation.
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Company news

With Intelligence acquires FolioMetrics
November 1, 2023

FolioMetrics has been acquired by With Intelligence, the leading provider of investment intelligence for allocating, fundraising and business development.

FolioMetrics Reaches 200 Client Milestone
October 2, 2022

FolioMetrics reaches a milestone of 200 Clients, reinforcing its position as a leader in CRM and research management solutions.

FolioMetrics Acquires Captec Systems
June 1, 2022

FolioMetrics announces that it has acquired Captec Systems, expanding its footprint in the alternative invesment industry.

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