For those conducting research and due diligence on hedge fund managers the volumes of information involved are increasing and can easily become difficult to manage.

Our Solution

The FolioMetrics solution provides a centralised repository for all information gathered during the research, due diligence and monitoring process.

  • Easily customise forms to capture your own qualitative or quantitative fields.
  • Capture meeting notes and log emails in seconds – directly within Microsoft Outlook.
  • Quickly tag documentation to any number of funds, companies, contacts or categories. No need to be constrained by a cumbersome folder structure.
  • Capture performance data directly from managers or from third party data vendors and perform in depth statistical analysis and reporting.
  • Use the FolioMonitor module to quickly alert you to outstanding data requirements such as missing documentation or overdue manager meetings.
  • Capture due diligence questionnaire results and be alerted to missing data points.
  • Track fund ratings over time and over a number of categories.
  • Create powerful and flexible research reports including batch capabilities to easily generate reports for a group of funds in one step.
  • Create dashboards to see a personalised research view at a glance.