Keeping track of a portfolio’s liquidity can be a difficult task, especially when it includes investments in funds with complex and varied terms. Many firms use spreadsheets to fulfill this need but often struggle to keep these updated and free from errors.

Our Solution

The FolioMetrics solution provides advanced liquidity analysis, allowing users to view their portfolio liquidity real time in a range of ways.

The system allows users to capture all major liquidity terms including:

  • Redemption Frequency (including daily, weekly and custom periods)
  • Lock up periods
  • Complex redemption penalty structures
  • Notice Periods
  • Holdbacks
  • Gates

Whilst the terms it captures are complex the system is designed to be easy to use and quick to learn. FolioMetrics allows you to easily view your portfolio’s liquidity horizon in seconds and tailor the analysis to your particular need.

Furthermore users have a number of options available allowing them to get deeper insight into their liquidity such as:

  • Fastest Liquidity – what is the earliest possible redemption allowing for redemption penalties
  •  Cheapest Liquidity – how quickly can we redeem if paying redemption penalties isn’t an option
  • Upcoming notice dates
  • Set compliance limits and track breaches