FolioMetrics includes a fully featured contact management solution, allowing users to track all their investor information as well as their interactions (emails, meetings, phone calls, etc.). The CRM features are tightly integrated with Outlook allowing users to effortlessly move information from Outlook to the system and vice versa.

Users can create personalised views with advanced filtering to display the information that is relevant to them.

Fund Administrator Integration

FolioMetrics provides the ability to quickly import fund administrator files, giving your team a better insight in to your investor holdings and potential future holdings (based on open orders). The system can easily be configured to support:

  • Balances
  • Cash Flows
  • Open Orders

Investor Liquidity

Cash flow data is paired with the ability to enter fund, class and investor level liquidity terms to provide detailed liquidity analysis such as:

  • Investor liquidity by lockup, frequency, notice period
  • Liquidity breakdown by investor type and region
  • Upcoming notice dates

Fund Analytics

Users can also view their funds latest performance and statistics at the click of a button allowing them to talk with investors in greater depth. By also subscribing to integrated third party data it is also easy to instantly view index data or analyse of competitor’s performance.

Investor Reports and Mailings

The solution also gives users the ability to produce and distribute professional reports to your investors.

  • Manage email lists and effortlessly send emails to thousands of recipients
  • Create rich investor reports with corporate branding and data from FolioMetrics or other applications
  • Easily update content each month without redesigning reports

Fund Reports

Furthermore the solution contains a number of powerful internal fund reports showing:

  • Fund AUM by Investor Type
  • Top Investors
  • Fund AUM by Investor Region
  • Fund AUM by Class
  • Recent Cashflows